Business Version

Frequently Asked Questions – Business Version

[highlight]How many users can I track?[/highlight]

This is set by the upper limit of the subscription or product you select. It’s the maximum number of users (profiles) you can have in the system at the same time, whether they are active or inactive. You can stay within this limit indefinitely by deleting user profiles.

[highlight]Can I upgrade to a version that tracks more users in the future?[/highlight]

Yes, you can upgrade to a higher product or subscription plan anytime. Your data will automatically be transferred. The cloud version of Athlete’s Database can track any size group up to 100,000 users. Please contact us more more details.

[highlight]What does business private labeling and branding include?[/highlight]

This is only available for business subscriptions and can be requested anytime after you subsribe. It includes adding your logo, business name or slogan, custom background color, replacing the default photos on the home page with your images and removing references to “Athlete’s Database”.

[highlight]Is there a fast way to create user profiles?[/highlight]

Yes, for the business cloud-version, we can enable a free option to let users select their own username and password.

[highlight]Can I assign each client a username and password? How many administrators can I have? What can administrators do versus normal users?[/highlight]

You can create as many administrators as you want, assign everyone their own username and password or let them create their own. Administrators can view everyone in the system, access their data, reset passwords, add new users, delete accounts, communicate with clients and more. Normal users can only access their own data, cannot see anyone else in the system and are not able to access administrator-level tools.

[highlight]Can I hide or remove features?[/highlight]

Athlete’s Database includes multiple tools and features. You may want to remove options to simplify the software for users or charge additional fees for those items. We can remove or disable some features at no charge upon request. Other options can be hidden or disabled from your Setup control panel. For example, you can turn off the home screen.

[highlight]Does Athlete’s Database include or create meal plans?[/highlight]

Under federal and state law, only licensed health care professionals, such as registered dietitians, can legally provide specific dietary recommendations and written meal plans. Athlete’s Database has a large food database, nutrition research tools, an option to sum nutrients in recipes, tools to manually create and save meal plans and a feature to print meal cards, but it doesn’t include or automatically generate meal plans. Custom meal plans can cost over $300 from a registered dietician because they are specialized, difficult to create and require careful research. Everyone has individual needs. For example, some clients don’t eat soy, can’t eat yogurt, don’t like fish, don’t have access to the foods you suggest, have food allergies, food intolerances and more. Nutrition software that offers this feature is outside the price range of Athlete’s Database and typically only available to registered dietitians.