Feature List

[highlight]Track Cardio & Weight Training Workouts[/highlight]

• Great for any type of cardio, especially running, walking and cycling.
• Record multiple weight training and cardiovascular workouts per day.
• Track average, resting and maximum heart rate.
• Track the difficulty of each workout and how you felt.
• Track weather conditions, routes, injuries and equipment.
• Track up to 100 splits per workout.
• Create and save predefined workouts (programs); enter future workouts in one mouse-click.
• Print weight training programs that you can take to the gym.
• Track equipment use (such as mileage on running shoes).
• Know when to replace running shoes, bicycle tires and clothing.
• Calculates calories burned for hundreds of exercises and activities.
• 860 exercises + 80 professionally designed workout plans; add an unlimited number of new ones too.

[highlight]Record Meals, Nutrients, Supplements & Special Diets[/highlight]

• Track daily calories, protein, carbs, fat, sugar, sodium, cholesterol, fiber and water. Track meals, nutrients and supplements
• Track servings, food groups and points (for diet plans that use them).
• Record foods fast with drag and drop (drag multiple foods at the same time).
• “Favorites list” conveniently stores the foods you eat most often.
• 40,000 food database.
• 16,000 serving sizes (food weights, sizes and portions).
• Add an unlimited number of custom foods.
• Lookup ingredients and add their nutrients together (sums nutrients for 100 foods at a time).
• Record and manage an unlimited number of recipes.
• Determine the total nutrients in any meal or recipe.
• Manage a grocery list (calculates total cost plus includes section for coupons).
• Create predefined meals (menus); in the future, enter meals for an entire day in one click.
• Calculates daily calories burned from exercise and BMR (the calories you burn at rest).
• Shows daily nutrients broken down by meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks).
• Easily compare daily nutrients to daily goals (includes recommended Daily Values).

[highlight]Track up to 24 Measurements Daily[/highlight]

• Track all the essential measurements including heart rate, body fat, and BMI.
• Precisely track your body weight.
• Track up to 7 body fat caliper measurements.
• Copy last recorded measurements to the current day in one click.
• Instantly shows you the change between current and last measurements entered.

[highlight]Manage Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar (Diabetes), Cholesterol, Sleep & More[/highlight]

• Track blood pressure and pulse rate.
• Track and analyze daily sleep patterns.
• Track cholesterol (total, HGL, LDL and triglycerides).
• Track blood sugar and medication up to eight times per day (for diabetes).
• Print this information and share it with your doctor.

[highlight]View Progress with Reports, Charts, Statistics & Calendars[/highlight]

• Create line, bar, area, pie and moving average graphs.
• Compare data on multiple graphs simultaneously.
• Zoom feature lets you enlarge graphs up to ten times.
• Create comprehensive reports in text or Web (HTML) format.
• Full size color-coded calendar for viewing data by month and year.
• Calculates minimums, maximums, averages and totals for all data.
• Summarizes information by week and month.
• Calculates total weight lifted by muscle group, for any date range.
• Calculates maximum weight lifted for each exercise, for any date range.
• Calculates mileage, number of uses and use time for equipment (like running shoes).
• Counts workouts, courses and routes you ran, days missed, etc.
• Filter lets you view specific types of workouts on graphs and charts.

[highlight]Map Running, Walking & Cycling Routes[/highlight]

• Map routes anywhere, on or off-road (not just roads).Map running and cycling routes.
• Distance calculations are more accurate than other sites.
• Calculates miles & KM’s for each route point + total distance.
• Store an unlimited number of routes.
• Displays Latitude Longitude for each route point.
• View street, aerial photo and hybrid maps.
• Create maps for any address in the United States & Canada.
• Fast, smooth scrolling in any direction.
• Easily move the map or route points by dragging the mouse.
• 18 zoom levels (from 1:1050 miles to 1:60 feet).
• 100% ad free! Maps contain no advertising.

[highlight]Upload Photos, Charts & Scanned Documents[/highlight]

• Visually track progress over time.Upload photos to track progress.
• “Before & after” + daily, weekly & monthly progress photos.
• Scanned documents (such as lab test results).
• Portraits of each user (when tracking groups).
• Charts and screen captures from other applications.
• Exercise, recipe, and equipment photos.
• Allows multiple photos per day for each user.
• Automatically arranges photos in album format.
• Add text descriptions below each photo.
• Smoothly resize, rotate and print any photo.

[highlight]Print Custom Workout & Meal Cards[/highlight]

• Print custom workout cards for use in the gym.Creat and print custom workout cards.
• Saves time for personal trainers & users of all levels.
• Create cards in PDF format that can be emailed to clients.
• Great for personal trainers with remote clients.
• Makes cards from pre-defined meal & workout templates.
• Include exercises, sets, weights, repetitions and photos.
• Leave sections blank to be filled in later.
• Add up to three photos per exercise.
• Create and print each workout card in seconds.
• View cards online (printing is optional).

[highlight]2-Way Messaging (E-Mail) in Cloud Business Version[/highlight]

• Send clients feedback, instructions and comments.
• Email an entire group in one click.
• Clients can send you messages when they have questions.
• Saves hours by eliminating daily calls.
• Works like standard email, but it’s faster and messages don’t get blocked.
• Keep your clients on-track, informed and motivated.

[highlight]General Information[/highlight]

• Record data whenever you want (daily entry is not required).
• Every input box is optional (you don’t have to fill in everything shown).
• Can be customized for each user.
• Uses familiar spreadsheets and easy forms.
• Supports Metric and English (can be used internationally).
• Cut, copy and paste everything (workouts, meals, tables, tabs, text, forms and more).
• Paste tables and data directly into other applications like Excel.
• Ample space for recording personal diary and daily notes.
• Each user can select from five background colors.
• Navigate fast with color-coded calendars.
• Support for workout and event planning.
• Automatically reminds you of planned activities.
• Powerful search finds previously entered information fast.
• Print any chart, table, report or screen.
• Reorder and resize any table column (remembers each user’s settings).
• Provides labeled muscle chart for reference.
• Provides detailed information about the new food pyramid.
• Password protection available for each user (keeps your data private).
• Built-in, easy to use help system (uses familiar Web page format).