Fitness Calculators

We’ve added 4 free fitness calculators below using the latest equations from the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, American Heart Association and American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Athlete’s Database has 13 calculators, including more advanced versions of the ones here.

1. BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator

This tool calculates your BMI. BMI estimates weight status for adults by calculating the ratio of your weight to height. Enter your height and weight then select the Calculate button. For adults over age 20, a BMI less than 18.5 specifies you are underweight, anything between 18.5 and 24.9 is healthy, values between 25 and 29.9 mean you are overweight, and values greater than or equal to 30.0 indicate obesity. Note:  Athletes may have a higher than normal BMI due to muscle.

  Height:  feet   inches
  Weight: pounds    
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2. Target Heart Rate Calculator

This tool calculates your ideal heart rate (the range or zone where your heart rate should be) to maximize cardio workouts like running and cycling. Enter your age, select number of seconds, then click Calculate.

  During exercise, your heart rate should be between:
  and beats every seconds.
  It should not exceed:
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3. Distance-Time-Pace-Speed Calculator

This tool calculates distance, time pace and speed. Use it to plan or analyze running, walking and cycling workouts. Enter values in any two boxes (distance, time or pace) then click Calculate. It will calculate the two remaining values.

Distance:     Time (H:M:S):    Pace (H:M:S):    Speed:
    ::   ::  
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4. Percent Body Fat Calculator (U.S. Air Force & Navy)

This tool calculates body fat percentage (the percentage of your weight from body fat). If you measure precisely, the calculation will be very accurate. While most body fat calculations require special tools, such as body fat calipers, you only need a tape measure. Input your measurements below, then click Calculate. Note:  Some boxes are gender specific.

  Height: inches 
  Neck size (narrowest point): inches 
  Waist size at navel (men only): inches 
  Waist at narrowest point (women only):  inches 
  Hip size at widest point (women only): inches 
  % Body fat:  
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